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I started doing a lot of home cooking in 2017 and I will say that it was BuzzFeed Tasty's fault. I kept seeing their videos on Facebook and thought well I could make that. So I started with those recipes and moved on to other sources (especially Budget Bytes). Also, I now have subscriptions to Cook's Illustrated and New York Times Cooking. I have a cookbook collection of both print and electronic books. Additionally, I have been taking a lot of face-to-face classes at a wonderful local kitchen shop - Los Cosas Kitchen Shoppe.

Cooking at home is good for me because I am a picky eater. You can control your ingredients when you cook for yourself. Through this self-study, I have found that I enjoy cooking. And I am delighted when I find out that I can make something that I thought you had to purchase like crackers and marshmallows!

I have been documenting my cooking experiences on my blog. This includes recipes I have attempted and classes I have taken.

Blog Cookbook Collection

Cooking Classes Taken @ Las Cosas Kitchen Shoppe

Date Class Name Blog Post?
3/19/2016 Knife Skills Workshop No
4/21/2017 High-Altitude Baking Workshop Yes
6/17/2017 Cooking with Paper Dosa No
10/7/2017 Becoming a Sauce Master Chef Yes
11/25/2017 Annual Tamale Roll Yes
2/10/2018 Italian Valentine - That's Amore Yes
2/16/2018 Chinese Take-Out from Your Home Yes
4/17/2018 Perfect Prime Rib with All the Trimmings Yes
6/2/2018 Cheese Lovers' Workshop Yes
6/19/2018 Paella Party Yes
6/23/2018 Spanish Desserts with El Farol Yes
10/13/2018 Chef Sean Sinclair from Luminaria Yes
10/20/2018 Holiday Baking with Taylor Burns Yes
10/27/2018 Fancy Pasta Shapes Yes
12/29/2018 The Magic of Mole Yes
1/29/2019 Farmer's Plate of Nepal Yes
2/22/2019 Luscious Lamb Cookery Yes
4/23/2019 Terrific Tagine & Couscous Yes
5/25/2019 Cooking from Ceci's African Kitchen Yes
9/24/2019 Crazy for Fried Chicken Yes
11/16/2019 High Altitude Cooking for the Holidays Yes
1/7/2020 Ramen, Noodles & Vietnamese Pho (Oh My!) Yes
7/11/2020 BBQ Bravado No
9/19/2020 New Mexico Red or Green No
9/26/2020 Oui Oui French Sauces No
10/10/2020 Now That's Italian No
10/17/2020 Hot-Sweet-Salty-Sour Asian Sauces No
12/12/2020 Holiday Shopping with Chef Johnny Vee No
2/27/2020 Small Batches - Cooking for One or Two No
6/15/2021 New Mexico Favorites No
6/22/2021 New Mexico Combination Plate No
7/2/2021 Tasty Tacos & Edgy Enchiladas No
7/9/2021 Green Chile Fest No
7/16/2021 Sabor Santa Fe No
7/31/2021 Southwest Flavors - Hot off the Grill No
8/7/2021 Celebrating the Chiles of New & Old Mexico No
8/14/2021 New Mexico Party Food No
8/24/2021 Tasty Summer Thai No
8/28/2021 Toscana in Bocca with Christine Hickman No
11/9/2021 Red Chile Fest No
11/20/2021 Napoli in Bocca with Christine Hickman No
12/17/2021 Holiday Entertaining with Beck & Bulow No
1/18/2022 Crazy for Cuban No
1/29/2022 Comfort Food from the Northern Italian Mountains with Christine Hickman No
3/12/2022 Hot & Spicy Curries Yes
3/18/2022 New Mexico Flavors in World Cuisine Yes
4/16/2022 Dining out on Dim Sum in Chinatown Yes
4/30/2022 Sicilian Cookery with Christine Hickman Yes
7/19/2022 Tasty Thai Street Food Yes
10/22/2022 Stuffed Pasta Workshop with Christine Hickman Yes
11/29/2022 Duck, Duck, Hen Yes
12/10/2022 Natale con I Tuoi Yes
12/13/2022 Cooking from Koreatown Yes
2/7/2023 Culinary Venezuela Yes
4/29/2023 Healthy Cooking Under Pressure with Chef Lars Liebisch No
5/16/2023 America's Food Truck Cookery Yes
6/20/2023 Top Secrets for Grilling Meats Yes
6/27/2023 Vietnamese Food Cart Yes
9/23/2023 Lunch and Learn with Chef Bernard Yes
10/3/2023 Luscious Seafood Soups and Stews Yes
10/17/2023 Classic French Soups & Stews Yes
10/21/2023 Classic & Modern Italian with Christine Hickman Yes
12/9/2023 Preparing for the Holidays with Le Creuset No
2/3/2024 Classic & Modern Greek Cookery Yes
2/10/2024 That Time We Ate Our Feelings No

* If the class is hands-on, I am able to do a blog post. If it is online or demo only, I do not have enough content to do a blog post.